Residential Moving

Residential relocation is our specialty as it makes up the majority of our moves.

Our Baltimore based Movers are extremely knowledgeable in all matters concerning your origin address and destination address. If you are moving from anywhere in VA, DC, MD and DE and PA and NJ, our drivers will always know ahead of the move, exactly how to arrive at your location in a timely matter.

Our residential moving service includes:


- Expert packing & unpacking, if needed

- Tagging and marking of all items

- Protection of your floors and/or carpets

- An experienced Forman is sent out on every move to ensure a smooth and professional move

- Disassembly and reassembly of bed frames, two-piece hutches/cabinets, disassemble

- And reassemble furniture items that do not fit through the doorways

- We take care of your building. We’ll protect your building’s floors and elevators as required by building management.

- We’ll meet all your moving needs, even the ones that may not have occurred to you.












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