Moving Tips

Preparing for your move!

- Clear pathways Well labeled boxes

- Furniture cleared of all small items

- Keep all your most essential items (i.e. what you need that day!) aside for transport in your own car

- Reserved parking near residence:



- Label boxes for quick room identification

- Don't stack boxes in pathways

- Rent crush proof boxes for mirrors, pictures and lamps from USA Movers Express Removals instead of paying for packing services or materials



- Empty cabinets and drawers of spoil able and breakables

- Leave unbreakable items in drawers

- Don't overload drawers and furniture with extras

- Talk to your consultant about servicing of: Grandfather clocks, Hot tub,s Pool tables, Similar specialty items


- Disconnect, label and wind cords

- Rent a Flat Panel Crate from USA Movers Express for your flat panel television



- Arrange servicing of:

- Gas ranges

- Gas clothes dryers

- Direct wired electric clothes dryer

- Disconnect hoses from the washer

- Empty the refrigerator of all contents...

- Drain the drip pan

- Disconnect the water supply of automatic ice makers

- Prepare your freezer...

- Pack all of the contents in small boxes

- Return packed contents to the freezer


On Moving Day:


Expect the following from our very best

- We will arrive on time and in uniform

- Introduce ourselves

- Explain the estimate and verify services you requested

- Explain valuation coverage

- Place floor runners and pad banisters

- Offer you wardrobes for your hanging clothing, mattress bags and crush proof boxes for your pictures, mirrors and lamps

- Wrap in plastic your upholstered sofa

- Show good humor and offer advice

- Give an honest hour's work with no unnecessary breaks

- Work as a team

- Pad wrap and handle your furniture with care and expertise

- Walk with you through your home to confirm that all items were loaded on the van

- Confirm destination address and directions

- At your new home we will Walk through your home and verify placement of furniture

- Unload wardrobes and crush proof boxes containing lamps and pictures

- Ask you to inspect the rooms 30 minutes prior to completion of the move for proper placement and assembly of furniture

- Offer to rearrange furniture near completion of move

- Explain charges on the contract Invite you to inspect the van to confirm that all items were unloaded

- Ask you to complete a customer comment card

Basic Packing Guidelines

- The average person uses 5-10 boxes per room.

- Plan on using a lot of tape.

- One roll of tape for every 10-15 boxes.

- Use the right box for the right job.

- Order supplies online.

- Label every box immediately upon sealing.

- Packed boxes should weigh less than 50lbs.

- Keep items from the same room together as much as possible.

- One box stacked on another while packing can reduce back strain.

- Consider rental box for clothes, lamps, mirrors, and pictures.


4 Box Sizes:

- 17x13x13: THE BOOK BOX Used for book, records, CDs, canned goods and other similar small heavy items. Each book box will hold two linear shelf feet of hard back books.

- 18x16x18: THE MEDIUM BOX The most versatile of all the boxes. Use for everything from linens to bric-a-brac. It will hold approximately one shelf of the average linen closet.

- 18x18x24: THE LARGER BOX Use for light, bulky items like toys, comforters, waste baskets, shoe boxes, throw pillows, etc. Do not overload a box of this size.

- 18x18x30: THE CHINA BOX Constructed of heavier cardboard Use for china, dishes, glassware and other fragile items. Each box will hold an 8 to 10 piece place setting - including glasses and serving pieces. Always pack dishes and plates on end - never flat. Its Either Time or Money . Ask yourself how much time you have and how much money you are willing to spend



The Cost of Your Time:


Type of Residences

Number of Boxes*

Time It Will Take to Pack



5-8 hrs.

Town House


6-12 hrs

Single Family Home


6-24 hrs


If you have no time and energy to pack yourself, let us help!

Save Money Save Time
 Don't be penny wise and pound foolish.
 These are some things you  should never pack yourself:
  • Mirrors

  • Lamps

  • Large Pictures

  • Hanging clothes

Those items can be packed on move day in rental containers with a minimum of cost and inconvenience. For example, you can rent a wardrobe box, which will move a minimum of 24 garments for less than it costs to have one rumpled garment dry-cleaned and pressed.

Specialty boxes large enough for lamps, pictures and mirrors are simply too expensive for one time use. We have unique crush proof rental boxes available for quick and safe packing on the day of your move.

 Extra touches are our specialty. Prior to your move we are glad to help you:

  • Organize, downsize and pack in preparation for your move
  • Inventory and pick up items for donation or shipping to loved ones

  • Store your items in one of our secure warehouses

  • Coordinate move day services with your destination residence

  • Unpack and place all items in their proper place

  • Arrange and rearrange furniture

  • Discard packing materials and unwanted items









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